Imperial Agent Character Progression Video

At long last the Imperial Agents character progression video is finally here. With the imperial agent gaining more recognition week by week, people have been desperate to see more of the class. Well the wait is over, take a look at the video below and let me know what you think.

Points of Interest:

  • 0:43 – stun, sword through the chest and point blank blaster shot to the face :P
    • 0:50 – Operative AC
      • 0:53 – some pretty cool stealth moves combining melee and blaster fire
      • 1:29 – combat rez
      • 1:32 – using exploding barrel to destroy a large droid
    • 1:39 – Sniper AC
      • 1:44 – Sniper head shot
      • 2:07 – Sith vs Jedi encounter started with an awesome head shot
      • 2:18 – A sneak preview of the Orbital bombardment skill
      • 2:24 – Laser targeted head shot on the poor Jedi

Imperial Agent Character Progression Video:


The Imperial Agent was definitely not a class I was going to play as a priority. However the latest info coming out on the agent has given many people food for thought. The class does have access to play every archetype apart from a tank. The operative looks especially versatile and interesting; stealth with burst damage using both melee and blaster weapons – with the option of support heals or full healing via droids and tech. These options gives players a good spectrum to choose from and should provide some interesting builds.

On the other hand the sniper looks to be more ranged DPS with high single target burst damage and some cool AOE abilities. While you will have the cover system, will complimentary portable cover you do not appear to have the versatility the operative AC has. This is something I am looking forward to testing out.

In the video you get a sneak preview of some of the higher level armor available for the different Advanced Classes. Based on what they have shown I like the look and feel of the Operative over the sniper in this department also. I feel the operative just looks more menacing, more Sith like and little more badass.

The Cover System…

I mentioned this in another post:

I applaud Bioware for trying to bring something fresh to the combat department of the MMO genre, however I think people will have mixed feelings about it. The system looks like it will be great in PVE, considerably adding to  your survivability and gameplay options. However some may find issues in PVP – most notably is the fact in PVP you are against real players (errm, duh), players who will just flank your cover to irritating effect. You also have to remember that PVP battlefronts will be constantly changing and evolving — needing constant management. Personally I do think it will work well – for example; the Robotics class in the F2P (free to play) PVP MMO Global Agenda has some deployable shields/cover that can be used with awesome efficiency. It goes without saying that to be most effective will be dependent on the player, having an organised team, having some skill and sense, being smart in selecting the most effective locations to place cover (gaining height advantages, guarding choke points, increasing defensive positions, etc) and be good at judging the flow of the battle.

That’s it for the latest Character Progression video update. If you would like to get the latest news as it happens drop in your name and email below.



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