Datacron Locations

Star Wars The Old Republic Datacron Locations Revealed. Step-by-Step instructions, Detailed Maps & Images, and Videos.

Datacrons are Easter egg style items that will give you a PERMANENT boost to your stats. This is something EVERY SWTOR player should do (at least for all their primary stats) – why? because the boost becomes significant when you add all the bonuses together (around 20+ bonus to each stat).

Many of these datacron locations are not easy to find, often requiring a lot of exploring and dedication to discover on your own. They may require special items from special vendors, platform jumping, timed runs, co-operation and perseverance. DON’T HAVE THE TIME OR INCLINATION TO DO ALL THIS YOURSELF? No problem, we have done it all for you, making things as easy as 1-2-3.

Below we have ordered the datacrons into planets, and within each planet section will be guides for Empire, Republic and cross faction datacron locations (just click the respective link to find the datacron locations you need). If you have any tips or easier methods please share.

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